Does the world really need another writing blog?

Yes. The answer is yes.

I’ve been writing for a while, and I’ve learned a few things. Today was one of those days, but it pushed me to do something I’ve been kinda sorta thinking about and that thing is to start a blog. I don’t have any great insights (that I know of) in regard to writing, but I want to document my journey going forward. If anyone other than me reads it, that’s awesome, and I hope they get something out of it.

3 thoughts on “Does the world really need another writing blog?

  1. Hey Karen, I came across your blog on First Friday. Welcome to the world of blogging, I hope you enjoy the experience here. I would suggest changing the background and/or palette color of your blog’s post page. All the text with the exception of those in black is a bit difficult to see. Additionally, I would go ahead and add an about page so that visitors have a sense of who you are what your blog is about. I look forward to seeing your subsequent posts.

    I would love to see you over at my blog sometimes. It would be nice to hear your thoughts on my work, which you can leave in the post comments. Hope to see you over there. Happy Blogging!


    1. Hello! Thanks for the welcome and for the suggestion for improving the reader experience. I appreciate the suggestion because there’s not much point in having a blog if people can’t read it. I’ve changed the palette so hopefully, that will do the trick. 🙂

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