Full Disclosure

I’ve ghostwritten several short stories and novellas for clients and even a couple of novels, but I have barely been published under my real name.

When I wrote that sentence, I actually wrote: “I have never been published…” But before I even finished writing it, it occurred to me that I have been published under my own name. Once.

One of my freelance writing gigs was for How Expert Press. It was a short non-fiction piece called How To Write Fanfiction available on Amazon (I don’t receive anything for it if you click on any links or if you buy anything from any sites I link to, not even that book I wrote). How Expert wanted me to write a book on a topic I was passionate about, and I figured it would be a great learning experience, so even though I’m a fiction writer, I took the job. At least I can say I’m a published author, right?

All that is to say that although I don’t have a huge volume of officially or commercially published work, I do have experience writing. I’ve written nearly a million words of fanfiction, most of which is available to read at the Archive of Our Own under my “pseudonym” — sabaceanbabe.

You may be wondering why I’ve posted this. Well, it’s kind of a bridge between my last post and the next. I guess it’s also a presentation of credentials, so to speak since this is a blog about writing.

If you have any questions or any topics you’d like to read about, please leave them in the comments.